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Want to improve your craft & art?

Want to learn more about composition, writing, recording,
sound design, production, mixing & mastering?


"Wilko's lessons have been invaluable to me. His feedback is on point and helped me to get my pieces to the next level.

In the lessons he is very patient and focused, paying special attention to the personal and artistic development of his students."


"Wilko really managed to understand my vision.

With years of experience and education in music design he helped me a great deal.

I highly recommend him if you need a professional hand"

My Teaching Philosophy

Laptop & Coffee

I firmly believe that individual one-on-one, artist-to artist lessons are the most effective way of learning.

I therefore teach all my lessons under four eyes, focusing all efforts on what matters the most: your project.

Since all aspects of music making interact with each other, my lessons include all technical and creative disciplines in the exact amount you need in order to improve as an artist as quickly and lasting as possible.

In addition to my bachelor and master studies I learned a tremendous amount about music making and teaching at two Mix With The Masters seminars I attended as well as in numerous projects I did so far.

I am systematic, polite and honest and I put a great deal of attention on listening to you as well as your music.

Sheet Music and Guitar
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